"Pretty House" - Phase IV (or, "My little corner of the world")

Yesterday afternoon I got to spend nearly two whole hours downstairs- all by myself- organizing!  Ever since Thanksgiving and Christmas, my craft room had been a dumping ground for supplies from completed craft projects, present-wrapping materials, stuff we needed to stash downstairs for awhile...you name it.  You couldn't even walk into the room, because my craft table had been taken down, used upstairs, and then brought back downstairs- to the middle of my craft room floor.  It was bad.

But now, my friends, it's all good.  :)  I opened up my new box of 10 plastic rubbermaid-like containers, put six new batteries in my P-touch, and went to town.  Now I just want to go down there and sit- not do anything, though, as that would make a mess.  ;)

Here's the finished product:

And here's a close-up of the floor.  I vacuumed three times- just because it made the carpet look so nice (and maybe a little bit because the sound of the vacuum kept Blake upstairs with Daddy).  ;)


This room looks amazing! It is so inviting with all the little boxes of supplies and creative things...sigh...what a wonderful space!

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