It's payback time.

It's pretty cold outside.  Our furnace is having to work hard to keep up.  I think that the cat has noticed too, as she's chosen to nap upstairs for most of the day today (rather than her preferred spot on the downstairs couch).

When he woke up from his nap, Blake noticed that Luna was sleeping in the rocking chair.  He whispered- so as not to wake her up- "Kitty's sleeping!  I will play music for Kitty."

I didn't stop him.

I love you dearly, but this is payback, Cat.  Payback for the countless times in the past three weeks that you've taken advantage of the fact that Blake's been too scared to sleep with his door closed.  Payback for the times that you've meowed outside of our children's doors in the middle of the night.  Payback for the times that you've woken us up to remind us that we didn't feed you enough before bed.

Enjoy the serenade, Kitty.  :)


That last picture of her is priceless! Her eyes say it all!
Tracey said…
Ummmm...I have kitty concerns....if I read between the lines, as English teachers often do, I sense some anger and frustration....poor kitty....

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