Shopping lists only help if you remember to take them to the store.

On nights that I teach, I usually leave some sort of meat in the crock pot for Nate and the kids to eat for supper.  Tonight's meat is a pork roast, and I've never prepared this "shape" of meat before.  I looked online for the easiest, yet tastiest way to get it done, and most people recommended dousing it with barbecue sauce and onions.  

We had to run to Cub for a couple of things, and wouldn't you know- I remembered to get everything else, except the BBQ sauce and onions.  Sigh...what to do?

I found this recipe online for Kansas City Rib Sauce.  I've never attempted to make BBQ sauce before, but I thought I'd give it a try.  It worked!  The only hitch in the plan was when I spilled the chili powder on the table and Blake decided to lick it up.  ;)

So, in conclusion here...let's tally up all of the bonus wife points I'm getting:
Dinner in Crock Pot
BBQ sauce a la Anne (I think you get way more points if something like this is homemade, right?)
Yummy-smelling house

Hehe...have a great Tuesday!


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