"The Super Bowl of Stock Car Racing"

...is this weekend, my friends.  :)

To celebrate the Duels starting today and the much-anticipated race this weekend, I'll be all nostalgic and pretend we're back there...

Whee!!  Did you watch the race last weekend?  Did you hear Nate and me shouting, "Hey!  We were there!!"?

Yup.  My husband's way cooler than Jr.  :)

A cut-away of the banking.  Crazy!

Those cracks aren't there anymore, baby!  I guess I didn't realize how bad the track was until we watched last year's race, and then saw the new surface last Saturday.

Total champions.  Not much more to say.  Break out the champagne.

Don't you just get shivers?  It's totally not that quiet on pit road this week!

I'm going to be the flag man someday...
Is it Sunday yet?  ;)


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