The old days.

I am making apple pies this afternoon, and out of nowhere I got thinking about when I was living in Glencoe (not the teaching part, thank heavens!!).

I loved my cute little apartment.  I'm just realizing now that I don't think I ever took any pictures of the place.  Too bad.  It's probably fallen over by now.  It was very old.  I still loved it.  I think that the landlord's wife had many of the same decorating tastes as I did.

I loved living across the street from Casey's.  Maybe that convenience store was a little too convenient, but hey- it worked.  

I loved having my very own deck.

I loved having walk-in closets.  Closets-- not just one.  :)

I loved that that's where I lived when I met Nate.

I do not love that that's where I caught my very first mouse all by myself and could always hear mice running above my head at night. 

But I still love that place.



Anonymous said…
I could have sworn the first mouse was the one in your purse in that basement apartment....
Ew! Now you have to tell that story! I want to hear about the purse mouse!
Anne said…
that, my friend, will have to be a whole separate post... ;)

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