Total Savings: $52.04

This morning the kids and I went to JoAnn's.  The trip was g-r-e-a-t!

Each kid got to ride in their own shopping cart.  I got some interesting looks walking around the store, but hey- it worked.  Blake didn't go flying off in one direction while I hemmed and hawed over fabric colors, I had a whole cart just for our coats and such, and I was able to completely fill the second cart with bolts of fabric.  (Side note:  I remember my mom not using a cart and making me be her bolt pack mule.  It was character-building.  Don't worry.  Our children's day will come...they just aren't quite big enough yet.)

I got fabric for four projects, and I bought four packages of scrapbooking pages.  Total purchase price, you ask?  $56.12  Total savings?  $52.04.  Let's just say I feel pretty good.   (Nate's heard about the savings at least three times already.)

PLUS, now I have an excuse to hide downstairs in my craft room for a very long time.  ;)


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