"That's To God Be the Glory!"

You might know that Blake loves the hymn "To God Be the Glory."  We sing it a lot in the Z-house, and from time to time Nate indulges Blake and lets him watch a certain video of the song on youtube.

This morning when we went into the kitchen for breakfast and opened up the blinds, we noticed a beautiful sunrise.  Nate and I were remarking how pretty it was, and Blake exclaimed, "That's To God Be the Glory!" 

It took us a minute, but we realized that some of the pictures that accompany the youtube version of the song are pictures of a sunrise.  Blake was making that connection.

I don't think he completely gets it yet, but yes, Blake!  That's a beautiful sunrise!  To God be the glory!!


Anonymous said…
how does that go "Out of the mouths of babes"?

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