Gettin' the best of me.

The snow.  

Oh the snow...  Last night at Bible study my prayer request was for perseverance through this long winter.

Just for kicks and giggles I'll give you two more "then and now" photos.

Then.  March 13, 2012.  Camille happily playing outside.  In the grass.  With a spring coat.  And tiny baby Abby just home from the hospital.  Sleeping.  Outside.

That ain't gonna happen this year, my friends.

And, because the snow has been getting me down, I neglected to post the final two weeks of our Wednesday night desserts.  

Last week- #9, don't covet your neighbor's house.  I made Toll HOUSE bars and brought tin roof ice cream.  

This week- #10, don't covet your neighbor's wife, servants, animals, et al.  I made sugar cookies using a gingerbread man cutter and a bunny cutter- I figured that covered most of the categories.  ;)

And now we're on to Lent, and we've finished another year of Wednesday night desserts.


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