Vintage Quilt Revival- Week 3!'s Tuesday!  Now I can finally post these blocks.

I worked so hard on these blocks last Tuesday morning, only to realize in the afternoon that I had sewn the wrong ones.

Sad tuba.

But here you have them:  Art Square and Dove at the Window.

Dove at the Window.... (That one right there ^)  Argh....  For some reason I had so much trouble with this block...not because it was super difficult, but because I kept making silly mistakes.  I swear I cut out/put together those blue triangles about four times.

And sewed, ripped, and resewed.


I had to leave it.  I couldn't take it anymore. 

Maybe I should try ripping it one more time, but UGH!

Enjoy.  :)


Anonymous said…
Such a welcome mistake :) You get to be one of the first ones to complete your blocks for the subsequent week. While I completed the first week on time, the second was a challenge :)
Love your blocks.
Julie Mylander said…
Your blocks are beautiful! You got them done already! I have a three times rule. If it doesn't look/match after ripping it out 3 times, I am done.
Anne said…
:) thanks, ladies!

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