Merry Christmas, Nate!

Don't worry.  I'm aware it's Valentine's Day.

That's precisely why I worked really really hard to get his Christmas present (finally) done today.  :)

I started this project a week or two before Thanksgiving, and, with a few breaks, I've been working on it pretty steadily since.

I think one of Nate's favorite parts of his job is when he gets to design circuit boards.  All of the little squares and dots and rectangles and lines thrill him beyond measure.

Probably how thrilled I get whenever I get to play in my craft room.

So I thought...why not combine the two and make him a circuit board quilt?

Problem:  I have absolutely no clue what all of those little squares and dots and rectangles and lines mean. I knew that if I would try to design a circuit board quilt, Nate would really appreciate it, but nothing that I would ever design would come close to representing a board that could theoretically function in real life (and I knew he'd get a kick out of that).

So:  Nate designed it.

And I did a lot of math.

And a LOT of cutting (to the tune of 700+ pieces).

And then I sewed all those pieces back together again.  ;)

The cutting and piecing are far from perfect.  I learned a lot through this process that would make a second one of these much more precise and streamlined, but alas...

The "quilting" on this quilt was all done by hand.  The traces were done in DMC metallic thread, and the chip labels were done in black quilting thread. 

Originally the binding was supposed to be the green board color, but the person who put the back together completely forgot to save the green for the binding (ahem).  A return trip to the fabric store for more green fabric was not successful.

But- there you have it.  Sorry this post got kind of long, but this quilt was a long labor of love, and I'm hoping I'm able to do justice through words how proud I am (we are) of this quilt.



AWESOME job friend! You put your heart and so much of your time into this.

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