It can all be explained.

Sometimes life just looks like this.

And you think, "Oh gosh...if somebody would come visit right now I'd be so embarrassed!"

But this is the deal...I'd like to think that even though it provides a horrible first impression, if I sat down with the person I could explain it all away.  (Then I wouldn't feel quite as embarrassed, at least...)

So here are my excuses reasons for an awful-looking kitchen:

1.  The diaper bag:  Usually it lives in the van.  But I brought it in this morning because the stuff needs switching out.

2.  My shoe:  I have no idea, but I'm going to blame it on Abby.

3.  The bike helmet:  I brought in the kids' bike helmets the other day to try to figure out which helmets would work on which kids this summer.  Camille got a hold of them before I could get them back outside.

4.  The cheerios:  Yes, I sweep/vacuum at least once a day, but Abby's in a food-throwing phase.  Nate's trying to teach her not to throw food.  Abby thinks this is hilarious and throws more.  I choose not to get involved.  And quite frankly, if there are semi-clean cheerios on the floor, at least Abby will be distracted from eating the cat food for a few more minutes.  Yup, I realize I'm a horrible mom, but it's how I stay sane.

5.  The furnace vent cover...or lack thereof:  I'm in the middle of repainting it.  We got a lot of snow.  I couldn't spray paint outside for a few days. 

6.  Lunch dishes still on the table:  It's illegal not to give yourself at least 30 minutes of down time after you put all the kids down for a nap.  Then you can touch the dishes.

7.  The microwave:  Currently on the floor because my painting job got interrupted by a familial encounter with the stomach flu.  Enough said.

8.  The garbage can lid:  It's up.  Permanently.  It doesn't latch any more.  Sigh.

9.  Everything else:  Please reread the part about the familial stomach flu.

You may still think bad of me...but I feel better.  ;)


Kim said…
I wish there was a magical kitchen fairy that came and kept your kitchen clean for you. It's the one place I get so tired of cleaning, because when you like to cook, it just never stays clean for you - EVER. No judgement here, friend :)

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