Pretty much my smartest idea ever.

Or at least my best idea this month...

Put the seedlings 
in the master bathroom 
on the ironing board.

Brilliant for SO MANY REASONS, including:

1.  It's the sunniest room in the house.
2.  It's right above the heat vent (warm!).
3.  They aren't sitting on the kitchen table.
4.  They are inaccessible to the cat.
5.  They are close to a water source.
6.  Since they are on the ironing board, I CAN LOWER THEM SO THAT THE KIDS CAN INSPECT THEM!!

Brilliant, no?!

And here's the progress we have so far:

Keep on coming, spring!!


And another thing - since your ironing board is in use for such a grand purpose, it certainly can't be used for ironing clothes while the seedlings are growing! :)

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