Three cheers for a church family.

We are so incredibly blessed to have a fabulous church family. 

Honestly- I wish everyone realized the immense value in developing relationships with the people that they worship with.  It takes some time, but there are so many people waiting to laugh with you, pray with you, love on you,

bring you dinner when you have a baby,

hold your baby when you don't have enough hands,

offer to babysit your kids,

count the offering for you when your kids are sick (without your asking),

help your husband clean the contents of your son's stomach off the front pew (ahem...during the worship service)...the list goes on.

These people are your brothers and sisters in Christ, your surrogate moms and dads, your kids' surrogate grandpas and grandmas...

Dear friends, we're so thankful for you.


Kim said…
Oh, yep. This one made me cry. But in suchhhh a good way :)

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