Easter Art

I found the idea for this Easter string art on a blog that I read.  (Yup, it's the same one that gave me the idea for the resurrection garden last year.  I love that blog.)

I have had the little white blocks of wood for a long time.  I'm not sure where they came from any more (a shelf?), but I figured they would come in handy for an art project at some point.  Yesterday was that day!

The only part that I hadn't bargained on was the fact that our kids didn't have quite enough coordination to keep the string taut and to wrap at the same time.  They got frustrated pretty quickly, and I ended up just wrapping the string around the nails as they pointed to them.

I wrote "Jesus loves" on the top, and they each wrote their names at the bottom (Yes, I let them use a permanent marker, and yes, I held my breath the entire time...).  

All in all, I think they turned out great.  :)


You are a great mom. I am learning so much from you!

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