Taking back our house.

I don't have a "before" picture (precarious stacks of kid gear...appalling...trust me), but here's "after":

I actually removed two shelves from our garage.  We're in the stroller season of life right now, so what we need in our small garage is space for strollers...not lots of cluttered shelves.  Once stroller season is over, we can replace the shelves. 

(Or I might actually ask my dear husband if he'll just reinstall the brackets closer to the ceiling.  That might be more helpful.  Let's face it...the stroller season of life is most likely followed by big-kid-bike-and-mega-sports-equipment season.)

Our garage has a ton of shelving, so I was able to sort and condense the displaced stuff onto the other shelves.

I also hammered nails into the wall to hold each of the bike helmets.  Each helmet having its own hook?!  Ah!  Love!  The aesthetics of it all....I can hardly stand it!  ;)


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