Trash Talk

As Nate put it ever so eloquently, March is pretty much the only time of the year when this husband and wife trash talk each other.

We fill out March Madness brackets.  Do we actually play to win anything?  No.  Do we know anything about college basketball?  No.

Well, I take that back.  I know that Kansas is always pretty good.  I've been to their museum (thank you, Jayhawk BIL Mark).

So...I know just one thing about college basketball.

Does that stop me from going after Nate (and pretty much beating him every single year since we've been married)?


That's what makes ours a healthy marriage.  ;)

At any rate, I do have some strategy when filling out my bracket.  I go largely with the favorites, picking a few upsets (randomly, of course) along the way.

(Here's my bracket as of a few minutes ago.  Half of the fun of this, of course, is color-coding the wins and losses on everybody's brackets as each game is completed.)

And if I know something about the city, that can count for or against it.

For example, 
Kansas, of course, is going all the way because Mark is there and I've visited there.  That's got to count for something.

San Diego State?  Hello...totally been to San Diego.  They get to win a few games.  

Georgetown?  Been through their campus.  They get to win one.

Ohio?  That state just stole my friend Kim.  I let them win a couple, but the whole thing?  NOTACHANCE.


So there you have it.  We let our kids fill them out too, by the way.  Abby picked all favorites by default (that used to be the cat's job).

Blake and Camille?  They both have Butler going all the way.  Sadly, they just enjoyed saying butt.

(What do you think of my parenting skills now?)

So there you have it.  Happy weekend to all.  :)


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