5 years, and too excited to sleep!!

First off, happy anniversary to, well, pretty much the best husband ever.  (actually...scratch the "pretty much" part....he's the hands-down winner.)  I have absolutely loved every moment of the past five years.  :)

Second...  I CAN'T SLEEP!  We have no kids, we properly fed the cat...I STILL CAN'T SLEEP!  Today's the day we get to go to the Twins game.  Not just any Twins game-- the home opener!!  WHEE!  So excited!

Hehe...I guess I can wait a few more hours.

The painting project went really well.  I can't share pictures with you yet, though...  The computer is still in the kitchen, and I have no idea where Nate temporarily stashed the USB cords for the camera.  Alas...you'll have to wait another day or two.  I will tide you over by saying again that it turned out GREAT- I love it.  Even Nate likes the color.  I'm looking forward to seeing it with all the furniture back in the room too.  (We probably could have moved the furniture back yesterday night, but we spent every available free moment outside- enjoying the gorgeous weather and doing yard work while we didn't have kids to chase.)

Yard work...which leads me to another exciting little tidbit:  my tulips, day lilies, and rhubarb are all coming up!!!  w00t!  Welcome spring!


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