True Confessions

You may have figured it out by the picture of me and Nate after the 5K on Saturday, but I'm still running.   And here's the confession part:  I am still enjoying it.  Stink.  I never in my life thought I would ever say (or type) those words, but here I am.  I like that I feel GOOD after I run.  I like that I feel PROUD of myself after I run.  I like running past points where I had to stop previously.  I don't run far, and I don't run fast, but I am still running.  I just don't like that the kids weigh so much more now.  I lengthened my run by about a half mile the other night.  I completed it AND had Blake in the stroller (Camille stayed home with Nate).  I'm not sure what made me think it would be just as easy adding the 20 pounds of Camille in the mix this morning...  HA.  I'm pretty sure that whatever site that I read that you don't burn any more calories pushing a stroller while running is a bunch of bologna. 

I get to do a princess cake.  A frilly princess cake with roses and a TIARA on the top.  Whee!  I am so excited that I pretty much didn't do anything but plan out the cake during the kids nap (except, of course, order the tiara and watch the Twins try to lose to the Royals).

I just noticed today that there is a bowl on my counter (dirty, of course) that has been sitting there for more than two weeks.  This is a large bowl.  How has it not gotten washed before today?  How have I not seen it every single day?

My plants are dying.  I put them outside for a couple of days, and I'm not sure that they were ready to face the elements yet.  Oops.


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