So much fun :)

Now that it's Monday morning, and I'm sitting here back in the middle of "real life," I'm looking back at last week and thinking about how much FUN we had.  I think it was hard for both Nate and me to admit last night that it was time to get back into our normal routine.

Here's the last few pics...mostly because I love looking at them over and over again...  :)

After the 5K- Nate hung with me this time, and we cut about three minutes off of my time from September.  :)

The "new" living room...complete with kids and toys scattered about. 

Dinner Thursday night at the restaurant where we met- we hadn't been back there since our first date.

My handsome date.  ;)

And, for fun, the exact spot where Nate asked for my phone number.  ;)


Sarah Jean said…
Oh so fun!! I'm SO glad that you did this and that it was such an enjoyable time! On your date Thursday night is that the dress you bought for the Christmas party? Love the living room color and way to go shaving 3 minutes off your 5K time! We'll have to get together soon so I can hear more details about it all!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I'll be honest, I got a little misty-eyed reading it! What a very special time you had. Living room looks great, but most importantly, you and Nate look great together! :)

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