All done!

I conquered a fear and went to the dermatologist today.  

Evidently there's not much that can be done about my rosacea since I'm still nursing Camille, but she did authorize me to go to Target and buy some fancy face wash and brand stuff.  just. for. me.  :)

Also, she "took care of" a spot that I've had on my forehead for awhile.  "Taking care of" amounted to her cornering me with a very large fire extinguisher-looking thing and shooting cold stuff- for a long time.  She mentioned afterward that I might have some hyper-pigmentation....i.e. an even bigger red spot in the center of my forehead, which, she said, will probably stay clear through Nate's Christmas party.  Sigh...oh well.  I suppose I could cover it with one of Blake's Curious George band aids.  :-/


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