New year's eve eve

Yesterday was a fun day for the Z-fam.  We got to spend the day at my parents' house, and each of us got to do something different.

Camille chose to climb up the staircase.  By herself.  Twice.  Yes, Nate was spotting her both times, and yes, if she tried to go back down she did a face plant...but I was still pretty impressed.

Blake cooked all day long.  The Christmas present that he found when he arrived was none other than a Little Tikes grill.  He's pretty much as close to heaven as he can get right now.  We've all "eaten" as many hamburgers and hot dogs as we can handle right now.  ;)

Yours truly got to scrapbook pretty much all day long.  I took breaks for nourishment and for a tiny bit of kid wrangling, but not too much else.  It was pretty much one of my favorite Christmas presents yet.  There's still a big stack of pictures waiting to be dealt with, but boy, did I make progress!

Nate spent three hours helping my dad get some 800-pound monstrosity out of the back of his truck.  I'm not sure what it is exactly or if they ever got it out.  When he came back in the house, though, he at least looked like he had had fun....

Now...what to do today?


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