Merry Christmas to me!!

Today the UPS man brought me a box with a logo that brings joy to any teacher's (or, in this case, former teacher's) heart.

Sigh...  It doesn't even matter what was in the box (yes, it was educational materials for the kids).  It's teacher stuff!  From a real teacher store!  Nate let me order from online and incur the shipping charges...I think he knew that he'd get off cheaper than if I were to drive down there and browse through the store.  ;)

Also, the kids and I went to the mall and walked around for awhile this morning.  We didn't really buy anything, but it was fun to wander amongst all of the other people who were. 

And finally for those of you (ahem...Trace) who want to know about the cat- I'll let you know when I find her.  Lately all I've seen is the large tufts of fur she's left ALL OVER MY NEW COUCH.  x-(


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