Silent night.

Last night the Z-fam got to go to a Christmas party.  We opened the door to leave and noticed that it was snowing (again).  Nate and I were each depositing a kid into a car seat, when out of the dark came a large noise.  Nate and I both jumped at least a foot, but then relaxed a little when we realized it was only the whinny of a horse.  ( many times do you get to type that in a year?)

I kind of wish it hadn't been bed time.  I would have loved to sit there in the semi-darkness, enjoying the silence of the snow falling and of being a little way from the city.  It would have been nice to let it all sink in...and enjoy the "silent night."

Merry Christmas, my friends!

(This post could have been slightly longer and more profound, but alas...did you really think the kids would sleep past 7:00?)


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