I came across this selection this morning, and I thought I would share:

"While your days may be filled with too many Legos under your feet and not enough time alone, what do you have to sing about?  If you had to come up with twenty items under the heading, 'thank you, God, for' could you?  Put aside the things you would 'die to have' and jot down a mental list of what you do have.

"You don't have to be an accomplished musician to hum a song of praise.  Move it through your mind in the shower.  Hum it quietly at the sink.  Put words to it and belt it out in the car.  Give yourself something to sing about in your mind and with your voice, and when you've finished the second verse, you'll probably have a song in your heart."

Elisa Morgan
Grace for a Woman's Soul
p. 160


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