Nate and I have enjoyed starting to see glimpses of Camille's personality lately.  She loves to play "games" with you, she loves to cuddle, she loves to shriek to tell you when she's upset (not our favorite glimpse so far...), and she loves the book "Baby Bear, Baby Bear"by Eric Carle (similar to "Brown Bear").

The book thing is interesting.  She found the book herself and has become quite attached to it.  She'll seek out the book and spend quite a bit of time looking through the pages.  Her newest thing is dragging the book over to you, pulling herself into your lap, and then pointing at the book ("dat! dat!") until you read it to her.  :)  I love this.  Especially since I'm constantly worried that I am the epitome of the statistic that says you read to your firstborn twelve thousand times as many books as you do your subsequent children...

Her favorite page?  The rattlesnake...and here I would have guessed it would have been the screech owl.  ;)


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