Little bits

Blake has now decided to be a Salvation Army bell ringer.  We came home from the grocery store and he went right for my apron, a bowl, and a bell ornament off the tree.

Speaking of Blake, he's 33 months today.  This is only significant in that the state now sees him as a preschooler. (wide-eye emoticon!)  If he were at a school like SBS he'd officially be done with the toddler room.  When I stopped working after his birth, "preschool" seemed like such a long way away.  Suprise.  It's here...

I now have a large bruise across the side of my forehead.  I was getting groceries out of the back of the van, and I whapped my head.  Don't ask how it happened, and don't worry.  It nicely complements the derm scar from last week...

I talked to a grandma whose daughter "breezed right through" her first child's first two months.  Hiss.  I'm choosing to believe the daughter lied.  :)


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