C is for Cookie and Christmas...and Chaos

Blake and I made some Christmas cookies this morning.  We made some chocolate molasses cookies that my grandma usually makes, and we made some good ol' sugar cookies. 

Blake loves this process.  Last night I told him that we were going to bake cookies today, and this morning he woke up asking for a spatula.  (He didn't even want breakfast.)

I don't remember the last time I actually used a butter knife to put "powdered sugar and milk" icing (tinted with liquid food coloring, nonetheless) on a cookie.  (Scandalous!)  Sprinkles aren't my favorite part of the Christmas cookie process, so that job was delegated to Blake.  Hehee....he took his job very seriously.  At last count he had finished off four bottles of sprinkles.  :)

Camille played on her own through most of the process, but did start begging "up! up!" toward the end.  (Isn't that crazy?  She's been doing that the past couple of days.  I'm totally calling that two words now!)


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