So I'm offering this simple phrase...

Nate remarked a couple of days ago that it really feels like Christmas is coming this year.  He thinks it's probably because we're able to enjoy all of the "build-up" and anticipation along with Blake this year.  I think he's right- it's always wonderful to celebrate Christ's birth, but I think it's also special this year to be enjoying all of the traditions and "nostalgic" feelings along with it.

Along with that, I realized today that I think my favorite non-sacred Christmas song is the one that starts out "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...".  I'm not sure that there's anything super-special about that song, but for some reason I hear it and feel Christmas-y.  Plus, I flash back to making sugar cookies with Mom in the house across from Kwik Trip (which then leads me to remember her old Christmas cassette of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, but that's another entire post...) (actually, do you realize that they play one of the songs from that tape at Michaels this time of year?).

All of this reminiscing comes to this: I'm so blessed- so incredibly blessed and thankful for the best husband and kids and family and health and memories and a warm house and vehicles to transport us and...I could keep going forever.

Merry final-days-of-Advent-and-anticipation-of-Christmas!


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