Snowed in.

Turns out there was enough snow that we couldn't go to Nate's Christmas party last night.  Bummer.  Especially since I ordered a new dress for it and everything.  Nate has promised we can get all dressed up some other time and go out instead.

I was pretty bummed to miss out on our "night out on the town," but it was fun to have some Christmas-y family time too.  We turned off all the lights except for the Christmas lights, lit a bunch of candles, and had supper in the semi-dark living room.  I think the kids really got a kick out of it- I sure did.  Nate thought it was neat too, but he did mourn that our thrown-together supper was no match for the creme brulee they were serving downtown (and I did kind of miss that dark chocolate volcano that gets alternated with the plates of creme brulee....).  ;)

We topped the evening off with some popcorn and a Bob the Builder Christmas video.  (Again, no match for what was going on downtown, but then I would have missed snuggling on the couch with a giggling two year-old).

   Hope all the snow has passed through where you live, and if you somehow manage to live in a place that didn't receive snow....send me your address.  We have an excess.  I'll mail you some.  :)

12:00 p.m. Sunday (to be compared with yesterday's pics)


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