Another round of bonus wife points!

Last night I was able to pick up a few groceries after I got done teaching.  We needed milk, and it's been just too cold for me to deal with getting two kids in and out of their car seats  and traipsing all over the parking lot to find a car-cart and letting Blake take five minutes to put a coin or two in the kettle and loading my groceries in the van when I'm all done...

At any rate, I was able to score a really good price on a ham while I was at the store.  I'm super excited to be baking that for supper tonight, along with some dinner rolls and a yet-to-be-determined fun dessert (that's where the bonus points come in, you see...).  I'm even more excited about the pea soup that's to be made from the leftovers.

It's in preparing for all of this, however, that I'm remembering the 24 pound turkey/monster in my freezer, just waiting to be made up as well.  I need ideas to make from all of those leftovers...a lot of ideas!  I can't make pea soup out of that!  Help!


Anonymous said…
And the 14 pound turkey in my freezer for you. MOM
I love your new banner at the top! So cool!

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